The Raspberry Pi UC is a universal casing for the Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B, 3B + and 4B, which was developed for self-printing (FDM printer). The exchangeable interface covers allow various Raspberry Pi HAT configurations with an SSD converter and e.g. a HifiBerry DAC can be used. A 5 "capacitive touch display with DSI connection is provided for the operation of the device. There is a switch on the front with which you can switch the device on and off via the GPIO bar of the Raspberry Pi Switch has a double function. With a short press, the configuration of the Raspberry Pi is changed and rebooted. With this I can switch the display output between the 5 "touch display and the TV connected via HDMI. If the button is pressed for longer (more than 3 seconds), the device is shut down. The Raspberry Pi is switched on and off via a power supply unit with a switch.

As you can see from the housing styling, I use the Raspberry Pi UC housing for a small HTPC based on Raspberry Pi. A NAS and many other applications would also be feasible. The Raspberry Pi is a perfect basis for a media center with the Kodi software. The Raspberry Pi not only needs little power, but with the Model 3B and 3B + you can even build a passively cooled and therefore silent HTPC that can play films up to 1080p24 smoothly. If you absolutely want to play 4K videos, you have to use the Raspberry Pi 4B and cool the CPU with a large fan. A fan mount is included in the data with the free 3D models.


Kodi HTPC Media center Raspberry Pi 



My Kodi based medien center

  • Energy-saving and silent HTPC with 5 "touch display based on Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi UC housing for Raspberry Pi 3B and 4B, Subtronic SSD converter with 256GB M.2 SATA SSD and HifiBerry DAC-RTC sound card
  • Audio, photo and video playback up to 1080p24
  • Recording of Telekom MagentaTV IPTV unencrypted channels
  • Remote control via SmartPhone (Kore App) and Logitech DiNovo Mini Bluetooth keyboard
  • Use of a standard M.2 SATA SSD module for the data, storage capacity up to 2TB possible
  • Memory expansion through access to LAN Mythtv Server
  • Front switch for switching between front touch display and HDMI output, as well as for shutdown (see support)








Detailed functions

Take a closer look at the media center

 Raspberry Pi UC housing in "Hifi Style"

The Raspberry Pi UC housing makes it easy to build a Raspberry Pi based mini HTPC. The right Raspberry Pi should be used when buying. The newest mini PC is not always the best. If you have films up to max. 1080p24 playback, the RPI 3B + is your best choice. Only if you want to play 4K films or want to use the device as a NAS, then I would use the RPI 4B, as active cooling (not noise-free) is then necessary.

The interface panels allow you to use the housing for various combinations of Raspberry Pi, SSD converter and optional sound card.

The switch on the front is connected to the 40 pin bar (GPIO). With the switch you can e.g. realize the shutdown and start of the device or switching from the 5 "display to the HDMI connection (television).

Gehäusedaten zum selberdrucken (FDM-Drucker) siehe

Large, silent SSD data storage

An M.2 SATA SSD module is used to store music, photos and videos. Memory modules in sizes from 16GB to 2TB are available on the market. The modules can be used with the Raspberry Pi via an SSD converter. SATA SSD converters from Renkforce and SubTronics are available on the market. Both models use the USB 2.0 interface. The manufacturer SubTronics also offers a converter for M.2 NVME SSD modules with USB 3.0 interface for the Raspberry Pi 4B. This combination is useful if you want to use the device as a NAS.

 5 Zoll Touch Display

The high-contrast, capacitive 5 "display from OSOYOO with a resolution of 800x480 pixels enables Kodi to be operated with the fingers. The display is connected to the Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B + or 4B via the DSI interface. The Raspian Buster operating system supports the display across two screens.

Kodi Medien Center

Kodi, formerly also known as XMBC, is an open source media center that can be expanded using addons. The media center can play photos, videos and music. With the add-ons or additional software, TV, playback of media libraries, Internet radio and much more can be added to the program.

Remote control

There are various free apps to operate Kodi remotely. You can also use the Raspberry Pi via a Bluetooth keyboard such as remote control the Logitech DiNovo Mini.

Power supply

For the power supply, I recommend a suitable power supply unit with a switch, since the Raspberry Pi is not completely dead even when it is shut down. In addition, the device cannot be switched on via the front switch with every switch configuration. A power supply unit with a switch is very helpful here.



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