The HyperPixel 4.0 display from Pimoroni for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or B+ is probably the best touch screen on the market. Unfortunately there are hardly any cases for the Raspberry Pi for the installation of displays, but now you have the opportunity to build a great device with the ACD Casing.

The ACD Casing was actually developed for the Advanced Camera Device, but can also be used well for other Raspbery Pi 3 projects.
From ACD housing, we have also derived a variant without a card reader and tripod socket. We call this variant Hyperpixel Raspberry Pi NAS. You can use it with the ACD-OS or with another distribution.

The STL data from the cases, we provide you for free to print yourself. Both cases are covered by the Multimedia4Linux 3D-printing license.



STL 3D-printing files

M4L Assembly Kit

If you have problems getting the fasteners, write to us. We can offer you assembly kits.


Printing example ACD Casing

Housing color: dye black
Printer: HP Multi Jet Fusion
Material: polyamide
Surface: with structure
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Manufacturer: 3Faktur



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